Traveling is one of Mel Lifshitz passions in life.  His countless travels to various places worldwide influences and teaches him valuable lessons that he cannot learn from books or from his profession.  Traveling becomes a necessity not because he is required to travel due to his charity commitments but because it’s already his way of living wherein he can bond with his family while enjoying a blissful and happy life.  During his travels, he realizes that one of the best parts in exploring a place’s culture is through its museum. 

The Eretz Israel Museum, Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum, Tower of David Museum, and the Menachem Begin Museum are among the few museums that Mel frequently visits when he travels to Israel.  He grows up watching Israel politics and loves visiting the country since he was young.  This is also the reason why most of his charity works are mostly focused on non-profit Jewish organizations.

One of the attractions that Mel Lifshitz particularly enjoys inside the Eretz Israel Museum is the the Lasky Planetarium and its astronomy shows wherein it displays a collection of moon rocks.  The Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum, on the other hand, houses Saturday night concerts that, interestingly enough, show off the talents of many new Israeli immigrants.

The Tower of David Museum houses Dale Chihuly works, a world-renowned American glass artist whose works are featured in over 100 museums worldwide and in the private collections of the White House and Buckingham Palace.  The Menachem Begin Museum is a living memorial and the nation’s tribute to a courageous fighter and fearless leader who worked for the freedom, future and security of the Jewish People in its own land.